N.Manjezi " I used to rent in the township a few years ago. Although I qualified in terms of income to buy my own property,banks declined every bond application due to Blacklisting or having an impaired credit profile. Silumko Consulting helped me in clearing my name and improved my credit profile and score at the credit bureau.I am now a happy and proud owner of a beautiful mansion in the suburbs and debt free, thanks to Silumko Consulting"

Mr & Mrs Khathi: "We sold our house with the intention to move to another area. I later discovered that I was "Blacklisted" and had garnishee order deductions which disqualified me of homeownership. It was then that I heard about Mr Njokweni of Silumko Consulting.I was hopelessly in debt and did not believe I could get out of the mess. After waiting patiently and long hard legal battles against debt collectors, Silumko Consulting succeeded in having my debts and garnishee orders permanently cancelled,though I still owed the debts!!. We thereafter applied and were approved for a homeloan. I would recommend Mr Njokweni to anyone"

Gregory: "My vehicle was unlawfully repossessed by the bank. A colleague then referred me to Mr Njokweni of Silumko Consulting for help. After investigating the matter, he discovered that proper legal procedure was not followed and demanded the return of the vehicle without payment of a huge settlement amount demanded by the creditor.The vehicle was duly returned to me without payment of the huge settlement amount and the repayment also reduced.Thank you Silumko Consulting for getting my car back and fighting so hard for the respect and protection of my consumer rights."

Ms N.Maceba: "A debt collecting company forged my signature on its documents and made illegal garnishee order deductions of two debts from my salary. I approached Silumko Consulting for assistance. When the debt collector refused to cancel the orders, Mr Njokweni applied for and obtained a court order rescinding the two emolument attachment orders(garnishee orders).He then demanded a refund on all monies deducted including interest.The money was soon paid into my bank account,which helped pay towards my recently bought property transfer costs.If I need help, I know where to go"

Mr V.Njongi: "I always dreamed of owning a house, and was determined not to marry until that dream is fulfilled.A friend and client of Silumko Consulting referred me to Mr Njokweni for assistance in credit clearance. I was sceptical because I had previously dealt with another company claiming that it could clear my debts and "Blacklisting" but never did.I wondered how "tata" (who is older then my father) could make my dream come true.He actually made the dream become a reality when the bank approved my application for a building loan!!. I have now moved into my newly built home in August 2017,and send him a message thanking him. I now can get married. Thank you tata for all the effort to help me!!"

Mrs Bam: "A few years ago, after the sad passing on of my husband, the bank repossessed our property worth R2.5m and sold it for R780000. My attorneys tried everything to restore ownership to me, but failed.It was then that a relative referred me to Silumko Consulting. I had my doubts about the company, because my attorneys could not help me despite their best efforts.Mr Njokweni was to prove me wrong when he managed to (as he puts it) "find a legal loophole" that my attorneys were not aware of. I was baffled. He then approached his friend who is a lawyer to utilise this legal loophole in my next court appearance. It worked like a charm and ownership of the property was restored to me by the court.Please continue doing this for others in the same situation. My family and I wish to thank you for your wisdom.You are Godsend."

N.Pikoli: After the sale of my attached property, the bank demanded that I pay upfront or make arrangements to pay in instalments a shortfall of a High court judgment amounting to about R1.4m. Silumko Consulting approached the bank to inquire about the shortfall, arguing that the fact that the bank failed to follow proper legal procedure as prescribed by the NCA, it cannot demand the payment.Certain irregularities in the process were pointed out to the creditor.The debt was subsequently cancelled. This was a huge relief for me as I could never have been able to repay such a massive debt.If it were not for Silumko Consulting, I would still be paying the debt. Thank you for saving me from this huge burden".