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Silumko Consulting was established in 2006 as one of the few Black independent insurance brokerages and formerly traded as Dumazana Financial & Advisory Services. Its founder Mr Zolile Njokweni has extensive experience of more than 20 years in the financial services industry having been a financial adviser and later a Sales Manager at Metropolitan Life.

The company reinvented itself after discovering that many potential clients could not afford to take additional insurance and investment policies. This was due to little or no disposable income available after massive debt repayments. Research by our company revealed that some of the real financial problems were caused by invalid and unlawful garnishee deductions from employees' salaries, which they never agreed to or authorised.

This, coupled with the issue of unfair credit bureaux "Blacklisting" disqualified many from even purchasing their own properties or even maintain themselves and their families. Silumko Consulting tackled this problem head on.

When the company saw the niche in the market, it decided to change its strategy and company name to Silumko Consulting. It was imperative to change its focus from that of an insurance brokerage to a credit repair and legal services company. Silumko Consulting company's reputation of solving complex consumers' financial and legal problems has grown countrywide ever since. In 2008, its founder Mr Zolile Njokweni was assigned to Parliament specifically and successfully assisted employees who found themselves in difficult financial situations.

The company takes great pride in itself having provided solutions to every financial and legal problem that faced our clients for the past ten years. Our unique methods and approach to solving complex financial challenges (particularly over-indebtedness) are unmatched by any company in the industry.The company has successfully challenged and managed to cancel/close or demanded unlawful debts be made paid up.This amounts to several million Rands of reckless, unlawful and prescribed debts collected unlawfully. We applied and were awarded patent rights by CIPRO (now CIPC) to protect our intellectual property.

The company's core service offering includes permanent removal of unfair consumer default listing at credit bureaux, and rescinding invalid judgments at various courts. We also stop/reverse or cancel invalid attachment of assets (vehicles, properties) advise and assist consumers in improving their payment profiles reported at the credit bureaux, to improve their credit scores (rehabilitation).We also deal with shortfalls should the assets be sold at an auction.

We count among our clients' employees and Union members of several companies including Parliament, Metrorail (PRASA), City of Cape Town, Western and Eastern Cape Education Departments, Pick & Pay, Shoprite etc. to name but a few. We believe that legal and financial problems can be solved through application and implementation of credit, consumer and business laws. Our knowledge, expertise, application and implementation of consumer/ credit laws, and other legislation gained over the years, as well as our unique approach, is unmatched by any credit repair company in the country. We go the extra mile and fight vigorously against abuse and exploitation of consumers, thus ensuring protection of their rights.

How we provide the above services for customers

Our business model and systems are quite different from other companies operating in the same industry. Firstly, credit agreements are assessed against the net income and the amount of credit advanced to the consumer. Not only do we check affordability, but also whether the consumer qualified (in the first place) for the amount advanced.Should our assessment prove otherwise, we, unlike debt counselling or review, do not make any arrangement for reduced payment with the creditor/ debt collector. We only need to prove that the lending was irresponsible/reckless in terms of the NCA or other applicable law.

Our company will simply demand cancellation of the credit agreement, which could either be reckless, prescribed or unlawful. The law is clear about this.

Defaults and invalid judgments reflected at the credit bureau are removed,despite the debt still being owed by the consumer, should it be found (after our investigation), that the creditor failed to follow proper legal procedure/processes or the actual judgment is a debt caused/emanating from a reckless credit agreement.

We also demand cancellation of any prescribed debt and refund of all monies already paid by the consumer. This includes over-deduction on emolument attachment orders and administrative orders. The company first approaches the debt collectors/creditors directly, if unsuccessful, apply to the court for rescission or setting aside of the order. Many credit repair companies or debt counsellors would normally negotiate repayment on behalf of the consumer even for unlawful debt.This does not solve or improve the financial situation of the consumer. We believe non-compliance with the law should not be allowed or be sugar coated, it is punishable by law. We believe that if allowed, it would encourage unscrupulous creditors to advance monies irresponsibly and recklessly, thereafter hope to take legal action against those who fail to meet their obligations. Our approach and focus is not aimed at the symptoms, but the root causes of over-indebtedness caused in many instances by irresponsible lending.

The same methods are applied when investigating procedures followed in unlawful or invalid judgments and attachment orders issued for assets such as properties or vehicles.Properties are returned to their original owners should the creditor have failed to follow proper legal processes/procedures.This includes vehicles which are not yet sold. No company can boast of providing above services and the manner of our approach and method which we have successfully managed to apply resulting in the return of some of our clients' unlawfully attached assets.

Unfortunately some Government institutions, which were established to assist and protect consumers from exploitation are not making enough effort to deal with the above consumer challenges. That is why so many over-indebted and stressed clients have approached us for assistance in the past ten years. However, our company does not encourage irresponsible borrowing by consumers either, but educate them about their rights and empower them by holding financial management and budgeting workshops for employees of various employers.We work closely with employees wellness program departments established by employers to improve employees wellbeing and work performance.

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